Sunday, November 25, 2012

Organize Your Kitchen- Food Storage Lids

I put the finishing touches on my kitchen organization project this week. I previously used a basket to store my bowl lids which worked well for me but I realized that when my family helps out in the kitchen, they needed something that they could see the lids rather than digging through a basket. So instead I used a dish draining rack to organize them. I tested my new system on Thanksgiving and it worked great! I started with the larger lids on the right and worked to the left with the smaller lids. It was much easier to choose the correct lid because we didn't have to take the basket out to look through all of them. A simple tip to help you get organized on a budget! Another tip to help organize your lids if you don't have a dish draining rack, is to use a file folder holder, Simply A Kitchen Use For File Folder Holder . They both work great!
Organizing lids with dish draining rack
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