Monday, January 07, 2013

Where to Donate All That Stuff?!?

Does this look familiar? This was one of those days, there were a few too many projects going! As you already know if you have been following our blog, my sister and I are a little bit nutty and we have a love hate relationship with organizing and to organize..hate the mess! It always gets worse before it gets better, so don't be discouraged when you're in the middle of a mess. Lately Tammi and I have been texting pictures of our messes to each other, you always need a little humor in the middle of a mess! Getting organized isn't usually an hour long episode, it sometimes takes days, but it will get done and you will feel so much better when you know where things are and aren't wasting time looking for things. I have copied some links to places that will take some of your unwanted, things. Most places also have local charities too, so check your area for these. Some places will even come and pick it up for you. In any case remember, if it's or broken, torn or outdated or smells musty, it will have to be thrown away. They will only accept items in good and usable condition. You can check out any of these websites to see exactly what they will and won't take.
  • You can sign up at Good Donor they support multiple charities and have a list of dates to choose from and when they will be in your area.
  • There is also Goodwill they will take most things from furniture to clothing.
  • To support several worldwide and local programs, including emergency services, addiction dependency and community outreach Salvation Army.
  • Lupus donations are sold to raise money to fund vital programs and services for people and families living with Lupus.
For more tips and ideas, we always love what Peter Walsh, organizing guru has to say. He has daily 10-15 minute projects to help get you organized. You can watch the video 31Days2GetOrganized to get started!

~Simply Angie

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