Sunday, January 27, 2013

DIY Valentine Day Project

We had a sleepover last weekend with our 5 year old grandson and our 9 year old granddaughter. It is our tradition to complete a craft project of their choice, so they decided to make a Valentine's Day gift for their parents. This project requires adult supervision (and lots of help) but there are parts of the project that the children can do alone. I let them choose all of their material, colors, and design their own project, and this is how they turned out - so cute and they were thrilled!
8x10 plain canvas
quilt batting (optional)
scrap material
wooden letters
mod podge
hot glue or fabric glue
buttons, fabric flowers, or any decorations they choose
I started the project by having them paint their letters while I stapled the batting and material (using a staple gun) onto the underside of the canvas. After the paint was dry, they painted a layer of mod podge over the letters and sprinkled glitter over them. While the letters were drying, we used the instructions for the DIY Fabric Flowers . I made the flowers for them since I was using hot glue, but I had them fold the flowers for me (to keep them involved). Then they decided how they wanted to place everything on their canvas and I glued everything in place. We let everything dry overnight and the smiles on their faces in the morning were priceless. Even though these were gifts for their parents, the children told me they were going to keep them in their bedrooms for decorations! How adorable is that?
Busy little crafters!

Love and peace,
~ Simply Tammi

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