Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ice Cream Sundaes

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! We have been busy with projects, gardens and birthday parties! The favorite party idea this month was an ice cream sundae bar. I'm not sure who loved it more, the kiddos or the adults! This is super simple and you can use as many goodies as you want (or have on hand) for the toppings!
We started with a half-gallon each of our favorite soft serve ice cream, strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. We served 12 people and had some ice cream left over. I bought some glass ice cream sundae dishes at our local Goodwill store, they're so cute!
I used small dishes for the toppings and set them on the bar. For the super heroes party, I had some extra material to place under the goodies.

You can serve fruit, nuts, sprinkles, flavored syrups, mini-m&ms, chocolate chips, cherries for the top, whipped cream, crushed cookies and your personal favorites!
Enjoy a blessed day!
Love and peace,
~Simply Tammi

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