Friday, March 28, 2014

DIY Easter Eggs Garland or Wreath

This little DIY project started because my daughter wanted some Easter egg garland for her fireplace mantle. I found a cute little wreath on Pinterest and thought I would make the eggs and string them on ribbon for Easter garland. So the project began. I enjoy working on DIY projects but this one almost took me to the edge - haha!! It seemed so easy and I thought the eggs were cute but this was a more time consuming than I had planned and so messy that I almost gave up! My family made fun of me for a whole weekend because I would not stop until I got these little eggs done. I admit some of the issues were my own fault and I don't like getting my fingers sticky unless I'm making bread, so it'll be awhile before I work on another project like this! To make matters worse, I made my own liquid starch using cornstarch and water. The first batch was too thin, so I had to add more cornstarch and start over with my messing fingers, dipping and wrapping. Happy crafting!
Where to start:
embroidery floss (1 packet per balloon)
water balloons
1 c liquid starch and 1/2 c flour
  • I made 20 eggs so I blew up 20 water balloons. I used a few different sizes and they are in the shape of an egg after you blow them up. This was my first challenge, I don't like blowing up balloons.
  • Pour the liquid starch mixture onto a plate so you can dip the floss into it. This is messy. A tip to make your life easier. Make sure you unroll each floss package before you start dipping it, or you will have a big knot of floss.Yes, this happened to me several times before I figured it out!
  • Start wrapping the wet floss around the balloon until the you have used the package of floss. I would recommend you use some tension when wrapping, you don't want the floss loose. This took about 2 hours.
  • Lay the balloon on parchment or waxed paper and let them dry. It takes almost 24 hours for the eggs to dry.
  • Once the eggs are dry, pop the balloon with a pin and pull the popped balloon out of the egg using a pin or tweezers to remove all of the balloon pieces.
  • If you are making a wreath, I would hot glue the eggs together. I placed them in a shape of a wreath so you could see what it looks like. I think the wreath is cute.
  • The eggs can also be used as decorations around a candle holder, in a basket or glass bowl.
  • For my egg garland, I cut 3 1/2 yards of ribbon for the mantle and threaded the ribbon through each egg using a tweezers to pull the ribbon through to the other side of the egg. You can arrange them with space between or close together.
  • That's it. Sounds easy, doesn't it? They really are cute when they are done so it was worth all of the messiness and time but I'd rather be quilting - haha!!

Love and peace,
~ Simply Tammi

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