Saturday, January 04, 2014

Organizing Crafts

New year, new ideas and it's time to clean out and organize! I'm not sure how it works for you but I can keep most of my house organized throughout the year but my Creative Workspace (as Peter Walsh refers to it) I refer to it as my craft room, is another story. Of course, I may have mentioned it before but this year I was in procrastination mode and everything started to pile up at the end. Yeah, not a good idea so I won't do that again! I started cleaning out my craft room last week. My system was slow at first because it was so overwhelming when I saw everything in the middle of the room. That's how I do it, just like Peter Walsh says (the great organizer and de-clutter expert) check out his web site and organizing store, Peter Walsh Organize By Room, take everything out, that means closets too! Make 3 piles, donate, keep, throw away and start organizing.
It took 4 days of about an hour a day to decide which craft projects I was actually going to work on and which projects I knew I would never get to. I ended up with 2 boxes to donate, a full garbage bag and the rest left to organize. Then on day 5, I came home to a HUGE surprise. My creative workspace was completely organized. Sometimes it works better to have someone help you with these projects, it really can be overwhelming at times! While I was at work, my helpers had purchased 2 inexpensive cube organizers and color coordinated bins. All of my fabric was neatly folded and placed in the empty cubes and labeled bins contained the rest of my supplies, ribbon, such as yarn and needles, chalk paint, paint, soap making supplies, lotion making supplies, glue and scissors, patterns, etc. Handmade tags were placed on each bin so I can easily see where my supplies are. A large, labeled glass container houses my sewing thread. My ironing board and portable craft table are stored in the closet. I love this room!

I have room to work and everything is where I can see it, no more digging through the closet to find my project supplies. And to keep my on track, due to my tendency of becoming distracted, my old bulletin board was converted to a "Project of the Week" board. They also made 2 signs...More Ideas Than Time. Does that sound familiar to you?

Hope you enjoyed the tour and let's get organized!
Love and peace,
~ Simply Tammi

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