Wednesday, October 30, 2013

DIY Fall Burlap Wreath

Every season I go wreath shopping and then decide I don't want to spend the money for something I could make myself. This year the fall wreath I liked was $170 (and that is a big no for me!) so my granddaughter and I decided to make our own wreaths. Even though I prefer soft, flowing materials I like the look of burlap for wreaths. We chose to make a few wreaths using burlap. You can make them different sizes and they are simply too cute!
Start with a 12, 14 or 16 inch metal wreath holder. (available at craft stores)
4 inch burlap, our came in a 9 ft roll. I used 4 rolls for a fluffy wreath and 3 for a thinner wreath.
Floral wire for hanger on back - optional
Bow or accessories of your choice - optional
Choose the size of wreath you want to make. We used 16 inch metal wreath rings. We found the easiest way to start is to unroll the burlap. After you have in unrolled, hold the beginning of the burlap roll and place the end over the outside of the metal ring and under the next metal piece then over the top of the next piece toward the inside of the ring. The best way I can describe this is to weave the burlap end over the wire ring and pull or fluff it to make a loop. Once you reach the inside, start the same process, over, under and over working your way to the outside. Keep the burlap loops loose while you are doing this. During this process, after you have a few loops done, move them together with your fingers and fluff them. When you reach the end of the roll, you can tuck it under some of the previous loops. Start the new roll the same way you began the wreath. Continue looping the burlap until the entire metal ring is covered. When I reached the end, I used hot glue to secure it to the loop next to it. We added some wooden initials, burlap flowers, dried branches and a sparkly burlap bow. You can choose your own accessories or leave it plain. You can add a hanger by using floral wire and wrapping it around the outside of the metal wring and twisting the ends to form a loop. We didn't need a hanger, the metal wring fit over our wreath hanger. Happy crafting!
Love and peace,
~ Simply Tammi

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  1. Amazing ones! SHaring some more burlap bows DIY