Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Homemade Soft Flour Tortillas

Here's a little story of my meal plans when I try to plan too far ahead. I finished grocery shopping on Friday with my weekend menu in mind. Sunday afternoon, I started to make chicken and noodles when I realized I wasn't really hungry for that anymore. I was hungry for chicken tacos, so I decided to make chicken tacos.
I had just finished boiling my chicken so I poured the chicken stock into quart jars and put it in the refrigerator. I shredded the chicken and let it cool in the refrigerator. Then I started getting the rest of the ingredients ready for chicken tacos. I discovered I was out of soft tortillas and salsa. At this point it crossed my mind to give up and go back to the chicken and noodles idea because I did not feel like going back to the store again, but I was not going to give up! So I decided to make homemade tortillas, grab a few tomatoes and peppers from the garden and make some salsa. Luckily I always keep shallots on hand and I had cilantro from the farmer's market, I was ready to make salsa! Then disaster nearly happened - I suddenly remembered that I had thrown my electric griddle away a couple of weeks ago. Something scary with the wiring was happening and I decided we didn't really need a fire.... so off it went! And since I am also trying to decrease the number of small appliances around here, I decided to use my lefse griddle and it worked perfectly! You can also use a skillet.

3 1/2 cups flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp sea salt
6 T cold butter cut into small pieces (you can use lard or shortening also)
1 cup warm water
  • Mix all ingredients together except the water with a pastry cutter, blending them together like a pie crust. 
  • Start adding the water and mix with a wooden spoon or your hands (it's sticky). 
  • After all of the water has been added, knead the dough with your hands to form the dough into a smooth ball. 
  • Place the dough into an oiled bowl and cover for 30 minutes (so the dough can rest).
  • Knead the dough again for a couple of minutes and separate the dough into small balls, I made about 16 balls.
  • Place the balls back into the bowl, cover and let them rest another 15-20 minutes.
  • I sprinkled some flour onto my counter top and began rolling the dough flat with a rolling pin.
  • Tips on rolling - roll in different directions, keep rolling because you want your tortillas thin. My clue was when I could see my counter top through the dough, they were rolled enough. It takes a few to get this figured out.
  • Preheat your griddle or skillet to 350F and place tortilla on the griddle.
  • Flip the tortilla when bubbles are forming on the top.
  • They only take about a minute per tortilla.
  • I stacked mine in a clean dish towel and kept them covered until I served them.
  • I stored the rest in an airtight container. They kept about 3 days.
These were amazing, no more store bought tortillas! Enjoy!

Love and peace,
~ Simply Tammi

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