Monday, July 08, 2013

Make Your Own Chalk Paint

I'm very excited to tell you about my new DIY project! My daughter's old computer desk was on it's way out of her house, so she asked me if I needed a new computer desk. So once again, here's how it needed a smaller computer desk/table, which is what I had but I wanted something different. I was looking for a vintage item to re-purpose. But as soon as I saw the pictures of my daughter's desk, I knew something very cool was about to happen here! As you might guess, mom took my original desk and my daughter's computer desk landed at my house! This is how you trade furniture - haha!! My original plan was to buy some Annie Sloan chalk paint but it seemed that it was not to be found in our city (on my first attempts anyway) so I decided to make my own chalk paint. I went to a local hardware store and bought a quart of incorrectly tinted paint (these are really cheap and most paint stores have them, it's the paint that was mixed for someone but the color was wrong so they brought it back to the store). I found the perfect off-white shade. I also bought a small bag of plaster of paris.
Then off to the craft store I went, I used my handy dandy 40% off coupon on a small jar of acrylic paint - I call it shabby blue but the real name is Spa Blue. I mixed the blue and creamy white paints for the perfect color for my new desk. My sister will love this next part because you don't need to sand or prime when using chalk paint (I must confess, I also enjoyed that part!)
Chalk Paint:
3/4 cup creamy white latex paint
1/3 cup Spa Blue acrylic paint
3 T (heaping tablespoons) dry plaster of paris
Mix all together until it has the consistency of cake batter and no lumps. If you find a color you like, you don't have to add any acrylic paint, just use the latex or the Annie Sloan paint. Start brushing, you can brush in different directions, this paint is very forgiving, it also dries quickly. I applied one coat, in some areas I applied the paint a little thicker. On the same day, after it dried, I applied the clear wax, then some dark wax.
Finishing Touches:
I researched the ways to finish the furniture and decided I really wanted to use the correct products for the look I wanted. After numerous phone calls, store visits and internet searching, I still had issues trying to find the Annie Sloan products, then finally I found some at a vintage shop downtown. I was SO excited! I bought the clear wax, dark wax and a paint brush. This was an expensive (about $90) little purchase for me, I would not usually spend that much on any DIY items but I really love this look and I already have my eyes set on a couple of more items in my house. Google the Annie Sloan videos (on You Tube) for help with techniques.

Happy painting!
Love and peace,
~ Simply Tammi


  1. I was just going to say you can get it down town. ;-) I follow her page on FB, she updates when she gets some in.

  2. It was very cool, I have some vintage dresses (1950's) and was looking up the store on the internet so I could take them to her and saw the Annie Sloan paint at her shop, must have been a God thing! Next time I'll ask you first and save myself a lot of time and frustration! I'm following her now! Thank you!