Thursday, May 16, 2013

Shabby Chic Coffee Filter Wreath

My Simply Shabby DIY Wreath from Coffee Filters
Simply one of my favorite DIY projects under $5.00 is my adorable shabby wreath. I made 2 of them, one for our front door and one is above the fireplace mantel. This wreath is made from coffee filters! 
Supplies and Directions
straw craft wreath, I used a 12 inch wreath for this wreath (leave the plastic on the wreath)
1 package of small basket style coffee filters (1-4 cup size, about 200 coffee filters)
hot glue 
craft wire or floral wire
  • Begin by measuring a piece of wire (about 16 inches) to wrap around the top of the wreath and shape a circle at the top for the hanger. Twist the wire so you have a small circle at the top and keep twisting the wire so your hanger will be secure.
  • You will need 6 coffee filters for each flower, so plan on sitting for awhile, unless you have helpers. My granddaughters had a blast helping me with the flowers!
  • To start making your flowers, take 3 coffee filters (leave them together so they look like 1 filter) press them flat with your fingers so it looks like you have 1 circle made of 3 filters. 
  • Fold the circle in half, keep folding the halves in half (total of 3 times). It will look like a small cone.
  • Hold the bottom of the cone and trim the top of the filters. Super easy, just trim the tops off the top in a half-circle shape. I cut 2 half circles but you can cut points or any design you like.
  • Set this aside and do the same thing with the next 3 filters, except trim more off the top. I cut about an inch or a little more off the top. You want them smaller so they will look like the inside of a flower.
  • Stack all of the filters together. You'll have the group of 3 of larger filters and the group of 3 of smaller filters in the middle, flatten them out with your fingers and staple once in the middle.
Staple the coffee filters together after trimming the tops
  • To make the flower shape, start gathering the first filter (the one on the top) with your fingers. I bunch it together and scrunch them up toward the middle. Continue with each layer of coffee filters until all 6 of the coffee filters are bunched and scrunched! Spread them out a little and fluff them with your fingers.
  • After you have made the flower. flatten the bottom a little by pressing the flower down on a flat surface, it'll make it easier to glue it to the wreath when all of the flowers are made.

Coffee filters make beautiful flowers
  • I made 35 flowers for this wreath.
  • After your flowers are made hot glue them to the wreath.
  • I started with the flowers around the middle of the wreath first and worked my way to the outside of the wreath.
Hot glue the coffee filter flowers to a straw wreath
  • If you have space between any of your flowers, place a dab of hot glue onto the petals of the surrounding flowers and hold it together. I feel I need to remind you that hot glue is hot!! I burn my finger every time I work on a hot glue project.
  • I hung my wreath on my magnetic wreath holder on the front door. We have a glass storm door on the outside so the wreath doesn't get wet and it looks beautiful from the outside!
Enjoy your beautiful not too shabby wreath!

Love and peace,
~ Simply Tammi

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