Saturday, April 27, 2013

Organizing the Kitchen

Spring has arrived, FINALLY! It is the first day since September that it's been in the 70's, seven long months of cold! If you read our blog often, you know this means we have been cleaning, sorting and organizing! 
I bought some Peter Walsh fridge bins at Costco. I found similar ones at other stores and online also. They come in lots of different sizes. It's handy to put things in groups like you use them. My condiments like mustard, ketchup, hot sauce, etc. are in one bin. The peanut butter, jellies and syrup are in another one. So when you are serving something you can take out the whole bin instead of a bunch of separate containers. You also avoid the "sticky shelves" in your fridge! I put things that I use most like rice, pasta, and dry beans in jars and store them in an old wooden box. I keep that on my counter next to my stove. It's also helpful for family members or visitors, so they don't have to look through all the cupboards to find things to cook something. 
Now... if I could just get them to see the dishwasher and soap during clean up :-)  
Happy organizing!
~Simply Angie

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