Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Using Everyday Items for Storage and Organizing

Welcome to our gallery of simple storage ideas!  We use glass containers for sugar, flour, oatmeal, pancake mix, granola or anything we use on a regular basis. Baskets are handy for dishtowels, recipe books, or magazines. Pitchers can be used for kitchen utensils. Ball jars are perfect for cupcake liners, straw holders and buttons. Vintage jars such as old sugar or syrup jars are great by the oven to keep toothpicks to check your baked goods. Pringles containers wrapped in contact paper make great pasta storage containers. Hope you get some tips and remember to share your simple storage ideas with us!
~ Simply Angie and Tammi


  1. Anonymous4/02/2013

    Where did you get the big glass canisters with the lids. I like em.

  2. Anonymous-thanks for the comment! They are made by Anchor Hocking and have a few different sizes. I bought a couple at Target, for under $10. I also found a couple at my local thrift store for about $5. They are also sold by Amazon. Our links will take you to the Target and Amazon sites.