Friday, April 05, 2013

Frame Gallery Wall

I wanted to do something to fill a awkward wall space. The ceiling is high and at an angle so I needed something fairly large. In my decluttering I found some picture frames I wasn't using so I decided to make an arrangement on my wall with empty picture frames. I also got a couple from a family member who had some old frames she wanted to get rid of. You can find them in thrift stores pretty cheap too. Ask people you know might be surprised to find out what people have in basements and attics that they want to get rid of! I cleaned and painted them, then arranged them on my wall. You might want to lay them out on the floor or use painters tape on your wall with the sizes of the frames to be sure you like the arrangement...I'm not saying that I just randomly hung them or anything...but there might be a few more nail holes in the wall then there needed to be!
~Simply Angie


  1. Anonymous4/06/2013

    I think this is ugly

  2. Thanks for your comment "Anonymous". It's probably not the way you choose to decorate. I agree it's not for everyone. We like to decorate our homes with things that hold sentimental meaning to us