Tuesday, March 19, 2013

DIY Easter Wreath

A fun project that you can do in about an hour is to make your own Easter wreath! This is an inexpensive project, total cost for mine was about $6.00. They also make great gifts! I made 2 wreaths and gave one as a gift.
What you need:
1 straw wreath (leave the plastic wrap on) or Styrofoam circle - mine was 12 inches but you can use any size
24-30 plastic eggs (I used about 30 standard size eggs and 6 small eggs)
Ribbon for bow or pre-made bow
Small stuffed animal  (Dollar store $1.00)
Hot glue gun and glue
Artificial flowers or other decorations
Floral moss (I used the natural straw color)
Craft wire
  • I started with my wreath hanger. Cut a piece of craft wire about 12 inches long. Wrap it around the top of the wreath and twist it several times on the back of the wreath, form a small circle and twist at the bottom of the circle. This will be your wreath hanger.
  • Turn the wreath over keeping the hanger on the top while you're working. You will want to leave a space at the bottom for your bow and stuffed animal. Heat your hot glue and start by placing a generous amount of hot glue on an egg, hold the egg onto the wreath for a few seconds until it sticks. I started placing my eggs on the top and worked my way down the sides.
  • Place the eggs as close to each other as you can. There will be space between them, it's ok, you can fill them in later with your decorations, flowers or moss.
  • Once your eggs are in place you should have a space at the bottom about 5 inches wide. This is where you will place your bow. Use the directions to make your bow here Simply Make Your Own Bows. (I made one change on the bow I used a piece of ribbon 12 inches long instead of a pipe cleaner).
  • Glue your bow to the bottom of the wreath in the empty space. Just above the bow, apply a large amount of hot glue to the wreath, apply some hot glue to the bottom of the stuffed animal, and hold the stuffed animal on the wreath for a minute or so until it sticks. 
  • Now for the finishing touches, I used hot glue on some silk flowers and placed them where my spaces are between the eggs. I also used pieces of floral moss and tucked it in the spaces between the eggs. It works great if you use the end of your scissors to tuck the moss into the spaces.
  • Make sure all of your eggs are secure. If they aren't apply small amounts of hot glue to them and stick them to each other. I only had to do this to 3 or 4 eggs. 
  • I hung my wreath on the inside of my front door using a magnetic wreath hanger. Your project is done and so beautiful! Happy crafting!

Love and peace,
~ Simply Tammi

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