Saturday, February 09, 2013

Memory Box Display

A few weeks ago I found these shadow boxes on sale for 75% off at Michael's Craft Store; they were only $5.99 so I bought 3 of them for various heirlooms and keepsakes. I put things that I had from our Grandma in this one. She liked to sew, I had a few of her spools and a thread box. I also had some pieces from the game Keyword, that we would play together when I would go and stay. It's a nice way to display and keep a few things, instead of boxes full of things stuck in a closet or basement.  If you have things that you have kept as an heirloom or feel like you just can't get rid of, make sure you have them somewhere that you can use and appreciate them. I also like the idea of taking pictures of kids projects and artwork and making the pictures into a book instead of keeping all the paper and projects that don't usually hold their shape and stay intact over the years. 
As organizer Peter Walsh says,  "This is harsh, when you tell me, 'Everything is important,' my response is, 'Nothing is important,'" he says. "Find five treasures that when you look at them it makes your heart sing, and then start to display them with honor and respect." For example, create a family history wall in your home by hanging shadow boxes and framed pieces of your children's art, photos, or even a piece of their favorite blanket. "Display them on a wall in a way that everyone can love them!" 

~Simply Angie

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