Friday, November 09, 2012

How to Distress Paper

I had this old bucket sitting outside for the summer with a plant in it and decided to bring it inside for the winter and do something decorative to it.  So I brought it in, cleaned it up and looked at it for a couple days, it seemed like a milk bucket to me-so I found a label in an old magazine (I'm sure you can get them off a website too). Mine was in color but I printed it black and seemed like it would look older that way. It's hard to see the details in the picture but I glued it to the bucket then distressed it.  I realized later I probably did this in the wrong order but that's usually how I do projects...jump in then think later!  I used some strong coffee, you can also use strong tea, and brushed it on lightly with a small paint brush. While it was still a little damp I rubbed the edges and some of the front....I did it a little too much so there is more print missing than I wanted- what can i say I got carried away! Then let it dry and put a coat of mod podge over just to make sure it stayed on.
There you have it..a new, old bucket!

~Simply Angie

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