Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lotion Bars

I recently found some recipes on Pinterest for lotion bars.  I found several sites with similar recipes. I made this batch with coconut oil. I love the smell, but it is a little greasy. I hate to waste ingredients so I decided to remelt them and add more beeswax, they were a little less greasy...but still greasy.  I wouldn't recommend using them on your hands during the day because of the "greasiness factor" but I gotta say, they are really working great on my feet. I don't want to sound like an infomercial but after a couple nights of putting this on my dry cracked feet when I go to bed (I'll spare you the before and after photos)-this really has been helping! It would be great for feet, elbows or dry skin patches, my niece said it even works when her babies have diaper rash.

Here's the recipe, I used equal parts-of course I just eyeball it, I didn't have a way to measure the beeswax because it was a block that I just chipped away at.
  • equal parts coconut oil AND almond oil (I have also seen recipes using cocoa butter or shea butter instead of coconut oil, that would be much less greasy...future blog post coming!)
  • beeswax I used slightly more (than equal parts of oils)
I melted my ingredients in a pyrex bowl over some boiling water. It's my makeshift version of a double boiler. Then I poured the melted mixture into some mini muffin tins with paper liners and a silicone mold tray I bought at my local Discount store for $1.25.  You can use anything you have. I've seen some blogs using empty deodorant or glue stick containers. That would be super handy!

~Simply Angie

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