Saturday, July 21, 2012

Drink Coaster Mats

If you have some scrap material that you don't know what to do with, I have the perfect, simple project for you! During the hot summer months, cold drinks are a must but you might notice that your beverage glasses will sweat and leave a ring of water on your desk or table. I was tired of the papers on my desk getting wet, so I decided to make some mug and glass mats based on a place mat idea but smaller. And now, no more rings of water! The mat absorbs the water and it dries rather quickly. I gave a few to my daughter, so I guess they could be used as gifts too!
I started with 2 kinds of material. The first was quilted material and the second was denim from old jeans (that holds some sentimental value for our family). I used denim with pockets for a few mats because I thought it was kind of cute! My daughter had a great idea with the jeans pocket, she said she could use that one for a remote control holder. I like that idea too! These are my steps:
  • First, I cut my material into 7 inch squares. You can cut them any size, for example, with the denim material I followed the pocket size and added an inch to each side, so they were more of a rectangle shape.
  • If you are using quilted material you have fewer steps. After cutting your material, match the right sides of the material together and sew a 1/2 inch seam around 3 sides. For the last side, sew it about halfway then turn the material right side out and fold the material in on the edge to sew the rest together by hand (then you won't have a raw edge). It takes only a few minutes to hand sew the edge.
  • With the denim material, I wanted a little more "fluff" for the mat, it will give it more absorbing power. I cut a piece of quilt batting just a little smaller than the material.
  • Match your material with the right sides together and sew 3 right sides of the denim together. Then turn them right side out and slide the batting in between the 2 pieces of material. When the batting is tucked in and smooth, fold the raw edges of the material inside so you have a nice finished edge. Iron the edge, it will make it easier when you hand sew it together. 
  • I hand stitched the last side on my denim pocket mats, but I decided at the last minute to use the sewing machine on a few of the denim mats that didn't have the pockets. I didn't mind that it was top-stitched, it sort of fit in with the denim look. 
  • You can be as fancy as you want, you could top-stitch with the machine around all edges for a more uniform look. I was going for a functional mat rather than a decorative one.

 If you like to sew or if you're just learning to sew, this is a super simple project. Happy sewing!
~ Simply Tammi

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