Saturday, June 16, 2012

Decorating With What You Already Have

This weekend I am redecorating by using what I already have! My wood floor project is now complete so I wanted to rearrange some furniture. I moved my hutch into the dining room and decided to change it's purpose by using it for things I use in the kitchen instead of a storage unit - haha! (I'm still working on a post for that part). However, the end result in my living room was that I had an empty wall. I decided to use an old table that belonged to my great-grandma as my starting point. Then I found an old picture in a closet that belonged to my grandma, so I painted the frame with some cream colored paint and hung that over the table. I grabbed a pink, shabby chic lamp from the "princess room", a flower arrangement from another bedroom (I painted the vase to match the frame of the picture), added grandma's doily, and a framed family picture. I had an old oak coat rack that belonged to my dad so I hung some vintage hats that belonged to my grandma, a vintage fur jacket that belonged to Great-Aunt, tucked some vintage gloves in the pocket, and moved that next to the table. I love how it turned out and the best part is that I get to display some of my favorite family stuff and it didn't cost any money. So before you go shopping, look around and see what you already have in your house and start moving it around for a new look. Happy creativity all!
 Love and peace,
~ Simply Tammi

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