Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Distressing a Box

I bought this wooden storage box at a Garage Sale to use in my rustic cowboy themed family room.  I put it in my room and stared at it for a couple weeks, then consulted with my sister about how I was going to paint it. Finally I decided I was going to paint it to look like it was made with old barn wood.  I started by mixing a couple shades of red Acrylic paint until it was the shade I wanted. I let that dry for a few days then I used a candle (any kind of wax works) and rubbed on all the edges and corners where I didn't want the next coat of paint to cover.      
I dry brushed (dip your dry brush in the paint and dab the excess off, then brush on without wetting your brush with water between picking up more paint). You have to do this somewhat quickly because it will dry fast.  I used an Antique White Acrylic paint over the red and then used sand paper on the areas I wanted it too look more distressed.  I printed off the number 4 and mod podged it to the box after the first coat of paint was dry. (I just used the numbers from Word document on my computer) There are some websites that will let you download things from them but some charged a fee, so if you use those make sure you read the "fine print" before you print!  For less than $15 I have a new "old" toy box!

~Simply Angie


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