Saturday, April 28, 2012

Organizing Another Kitchen Cabinet

A quick organizing project was on the list before I started my baking for the week. I'm just weird like that, I can't work in the kitchen if I'm not organized. What works best for me when I am organizing is to keep like objects together and the items I use the most frequently are the items easiest to access.
A few months ago when I decluttered and organized my kitchen, that was my starting point. Once you make the initial time investment, it is easy to stay organized, not too mention the time you'll save every week! Just think of what you could do with some extra time on your hands!
About once a month, I spend 30 minutes or less to touch up all of the kitchen cabinets. I also have to change my cabinets depending on the time of year. When I am canning or making preserves, I change things around so they are handy. Here are a few more ideas include these Simply Kitchen Organizing Tips,Simply Organizing Pans and Lids, Simply Organize Kitchen Bowls Lids. You can find more ideas in the Organizing Label.
The cabinet today is for the items I use frequently such as measuring cups and bowls, and canning (storage) jars. I also keep jelly jars, pectin and citric acid, food processor accessories, a basket containing lotion and lip balm making supplies such as essential oils, beeswax, cocoa butter, and shea butter in this space. It's a great space for my cheesecloth and of course my little wooden recipe card holder that my grandpa made for me. In a larger basket on the top shelf, I keep my canning lids. How simple is that? So take the initial time investment and get organized!
Simply Organize Your Most Used Supplies Cabinet
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