Monday, April 30, 2012

Decorating With Contact Paper

Covered Turntable 
Covered Tray
Here's a quick project that can be done in less than ten minutes for under $10.  I found this adhesive backed contact paper at Target for about $6 for a large roll, and couldn't resist.  I see this pattern everywhere lately on pillows, fabric, wallpaper, etc. So I came home and went a little crazy with it.
I found an old tray and a turntable that I use in our kitchen for serving, so I covered them both.  It sticks to just about any surface but can also be removed easily...thankfully!  (I had gotten a little carried away so I had to remove it from a few things!) 
If you don't want to paint but need a new look, this is a quick, low cost way to change just about anything!

~Simply Angie

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