Thursday, March 15, 2012

Organizing Under the Kitchen Sink

I think my sister and I have spring fever. The more we talk, the more we clean out, throw out, donate, and finally organize! We have decided our goal is to keep only those items that have memories attached or those items that are useful. For many years I purchased totes and containers until I realized I have too much stuff! So regardless if it was organized or not, I had too much stuff!
At first the process might seem difficult because if you're like me, I could always think of a million reasons why I wanted to keep something. But the more you clean out the easier it gets and the feeling after you've cleaned out is awesome! It's like your stuff doesn't own you anymore. And it is a great feeling when you can donate items because whether you know it or not there are many people in our communities that would love to have what we are cleaning out. For example, do I really need 6 pie plates? Or 5 comforters? Or 3 sets of dishes? Or 17 coffee mugs? You see what I mean? You will also shorten the time it takes to clean your house when you have less clutter everywhere. And I think we all could use a little more time in our busy lives.
So start with the smallest place first then it doesn't seem so overwhelming. My smallest place was under my kitchen sink. I discovered that by making my own household products, I don't need all of the extra stuff under my sink. So let's get started! Ask yourself, "do I use this item or does it hold special memories for me?" If not, say good-bye to your stuff!
Happy decluttering and organizing!

Love and peace.
~ Simply Tammi

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