Friday, March 30, 2012

Homemade Spring Tree Decoration

This is a fun project and easy enough for kids to get involved.  I had lots of those plastic eggs left over from years of Easter egg hunts and wanted to use them for something. A couple years ago, I found this Egg Tree idea in a magazine.
What you need:
  • cone shaped Styrofoam (Walmart or craft store)
  • plastic eggs (white if you can find them, I used the colored eggs for this tree)
  • some type of tissue paper or paper napkins with different patterns or colors
  • mod podge or white glue
  • small paint brush to glue the napkins to the eggs
  • shredded paper or straw (to cover the Styrofoam between the eggs)
  • hot glue gun to attach the eggs to the Styrofoam
  • a container or plate to display your tree 
Start by cutting or tearing your paper napkins into small squares or strips.  If you are using glue, dilute it with a little water.  Using your paint brush, "paint" the pieces of napkin on the plastic eggs until the eggs are all covered. Depending on what paper you use, you can see the egg through some of them, this is where it might be nice to use the white eggs. (I think it just adds more color.)After they are dry you can hot glue them to the cone. I started at the top and went around the cone working my way down.  Then I filled in the open spaces with the shredded paper, placing glue wherever you need it.   I just set mine on the pail, last year I had it on a cake platter with pedestal. Look around and see what you already have that can be re-purposed.  Be creative and have fun!

~Simply Angie

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  1. When the kids (ages 4, 8, 14) came to visit today they had a great time with this project. We didn't have anything to use for a tree so they just covered the plastic eggs. When they dried I piled them in a large glass bowl and used green shredded paper around and in between the eggs. Perfect centerpiece for my table! Thanks!