Thursday, February 23, 2012

Organizing Your Kitchen Staples Cupboard

Staples Cupboard
After I decided to start using more natural ingredients, my first project was to give my kitchen cupboards an overhaul and organize them to see exactly what I had. I got rid of all the packages and boxes and outdated food. Just a hint - if you still have McCormick metal spice tins, except for pepper...they haven't made them for 15 years - you should replace them now! (you know who you are - ha!)                               I now have my dry staples in half gallon and quart size canning jars. I try to reuse other containers if I can. I picked up a few new ones and found some at the thrift store. I bought the plastic storage lids instead of the metal lids and bands. I think they are more convenient for things that I use almost everyday. I had to label my jars - I love my label maker! Now I can look in my cupboard and see what I actually need to buy. I used to just go to the store and randomly pick up things I thought I would need, only to discover when I got home I already had three of them. So it really has saved me money and time. I only buy what's on my list. I also do most of my shopping at bulk food stores, so I just buy what I will be using for the week. I have a separate cupboard for my baking items and one for spices. So when my family wants to cook or bake - which is rare but does occasionally happen - they know where to look.

Happy organizing!

~Simply Angie

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  1. Anonymous2/23/2012

    You have inspired me to reorganize my cupboards! One can actually see how much is in the jar so you don't have to guess.
    Thanks for sharing!