Tuesday, February 07, 2012

A Post About Blogs

As I sat here today thinking of what to write, I was getting more upset about some of the blogs I was reading that I thought were reliable sources. They obviously haven't tried making the recipes they put on their blog.  My sister and I continue to research several blogs and have gotten some "helpful" ideas and recipes, and some "not so helpful" ones. Don't be misled like we have been on occasion, just because it's on several sites, doesn't mean it's accurate. Unfortunately, we have tried some bad ideas, as in my exploding bath salts that I almost gave as gifts!

Take this for example, we found several recipes that mix vinegar with Dr. Bronner's Castile soap, which actually causes it to curdle and it smells really bad! As we stated in our disclaimer, we are not doctors or scientists. But rest assured our blog recipes or ideas have been made by us personally before we write about them on our blog. There are great sites out there that contain correct and accurate information but remember there are probably more that contain inaccurate information. Our best advice is to remember that just because someone has information on their blog doesn't mean it's true or that it works!

We welcome your comments and ideas if you find things are or are not working for you. If you have new ideas to share, we love hearing those too!  If you would like more information about Dr. Bronner soaps, his granddaughter has a site we referenced in an earlier post, lisa.drbronner.com.

~Simply Angie


  1. Anonymous2/07/2012

    Thank you!

  2. Anonymous2/08/2012

    Very good advice! Thanks!