Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Today's Thought Remembering The Journey

I hope it was a great day for you! I wanted to share my favorite thing today. A glimmer of history; after injuries from a car accident I went to my weekly physical therapy appointment and finally experienced moments with no pain!  It was so cool! I told my physical therapist that I was very excited about the no pain moments, he smiled but in a calm, dad-like voice he said, "This is a journey not an event."

It seems that when our lives are going the way we want and all is well, we may not remember the great moments of our days. But when times are tough or we are having a bad day, we may focus on the events. I need a reminder at times that my life is a journey and not merely good and bad days filled with events. I hope to go forward and remind myself to embrace a new perspective when I get irritated with people or when life isn't going my way, I will be grateful for the journey and not just the events. The events will pass as the journey continues.

I love it when God shines through other people, be the other person today!

Love and peace,


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