Friday, January 20, 2012

Kid Cleaning Tips

I need to get some cleaning done this weekend which made me think of my cleaning tip for today.

Cleaning a room can sometimes be an overwhelming task to young children and often frustrating for parents. Working with children for many years and also having my own, I have learned to be creative and keep it simple. Even children as young as two can help with the clean up process.
  • Make it a game.  We always start with a game of "find the color."  I start by telling them to go find something of a certain color and pick up everything that color and put it away. Then choose another color until everything is picked up.  You might have to help the first couple times, but soon they will be shouting from their rooms, "what's the next color?!"
  • Another helpful hint is to have some type of container, shoebox, or bin with a picture of the items that go in it. Then all they have to do is match the items to the picture. 
  • I think the most important tip is not to have too many toys and things available at all times. Being a daycare provider, I have several toys but rotate them so I only have a few out at a time. Then every week or two, I remove some of them and put out something else. It's like getting something new every week or two without actually buying anything! Which saves me money and keeps them busy.
  • De-clutter! Before you go out and buy new containers make sure you get rid of the things that are missing pieces, broken or are no longer played with. This needs to be done every few weeks  If you aren't sure what your kids really play with, put it away for a week or two, if they don't know it's gone, they probably aren't going to miss it. Toys in good condition can always be donated, there are several charities that would be glad to have them.
  • Remember you are teaching them "life skills" so they can go out and live on their own someday!  
Happy cleaning!
~Simply Angie


  1. Anonymous1/20/2012

    Great tip ideas!

  2. Does it work for husbands? lol

  3. It might! It hasn't been proven successful with teenagers yet, further testing needs to be done. Maybe a different variation of the color game would be helpful! lol