Saturday, June 24, 2017

Kitchen Tips - Organize Your Spices

Love My New Spice Drawer
On our recent vacation to my sister's home, I discovered her awesome spice drawer! I loved seeing all of the spices at once instead of digging through different container sizes in my kitchen cabinet. My first project after vacation was to purchase small canning jars that would fit into my drawer. I used chalkboard vinyl paper and wrote each spice name with a chalkboard marker. I had a few jars left so I stored the spices I use less frequently in my cabinet. She also stores her measuring spoons in the spice drawer...I copied that idea too! 😀
Happy organizing!
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  1. This is a great way to organize a kitchen space. In the past, I would stack all my spice bottles on a shelf, then I always needed the one that was on the bottom of the tall stack. Now I cleared out that junk drawer and we filled it with the spices like your picture and simply labeled the top of each jar.

    Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express