Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Vintage Table Setting

Vintage quilt for a tablecloth 
I'm not too fancy at my house but I love vintage and one of a kind decor. My aunt recently visited with a great idea for a unique setting for the dining room table, use a quilt instead of a tablecloth. I loved it!! For the holidays I am using a vintage quilt from Mom. Even though we are a family of "spillers" (every meal someone spills something) I figure everything can be washed. But if you do get nervous about spilling, etc., you may not want to use the vintage quilt, maybe something less sentimental, like from the store. Mom gave me a set of her white china so I am using that, then of course I always use the ball jars for drinking glasses because I like to mix the fancy with the not-so-fancy. I always use cloth napkins so the girls folded them in the shape of a rosette. This is really simple. Start with a square cloth napkin and lay it flat so it looks like a diamond shape. Take the point at the bottom of the napkin and bring it to the point at the top of the napkin. Now you will have a triangle with the folded end closest to you. Start rolling the folded (bottom) edge to the top. It'll look like a round tube. Begin rolling the left side toward the right side until you have a pinwheel looking circle. When you get to the end, tuck it under and place your beautiful rosette in your cup. I used different colored napkins because I like variety!

Fold cloth napkin into a rosette
Have a Merry Christmas and wonderful Holiday season!
Love and peace,
~ Simply Tammi

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