Wednesday, April 23, 2014

DIY Indoor Hallway Signs


I was inspired for my DIY indoor hallway sign project by Destiny at Just Destiny when I saw her on the Nate Berkus show a few years ago. I absolutely love her projects and decorating ideas and I think the indoor hallway signs are adorable. I had to adapt my signs a little because I don't have any long hallways. I decided to make my signs and rather than having them face sideways, I would hang them with the front side showing. They worked perfectly in my house of no halls! I also used smaller plant hangers due to the size of my space. I do have tall ceilings so it worked perfectly but if you are limited on the space above your doors, they look very cute mounted by the side of the door toward the top. Make sure you hang them on the side opposite the door opening or the door will hit the signs when you open it. I have one sign left to make for my pantry, then I have some orders to fill!

wooden plaques (I bought mine at Micheal's)
cup hooks, one per sign
plant hangers, one per sign
acrylic paint, I used white but use your favorite color if you want
Annie Sloan dark wax

I began by painting my wood plaques with white paint. I applied 2 coats and waited for them to dry. I sanded around the edges when they were dry so my dark wax would make the wood look older. I also painted the backs of the signs.
The next step is the wording for your signs. You can order vinyl words for your signs (as Destiny did) but I'm too cheap frugal for that, so I selected my favorite computer program (Word) font and printed the words for my signs on plain white paper. I used an X-Acto knife and traced carefully around the letters, then placed the paper on the plaques and traced around the letters with a black Sharpie. After I had traced the letters, I used my Sharpie to enhance each letter. If you are facing your signs to the side, remember you'll need words on both sides. Since most of mine were facing the front, I painted the back of the signs, except the laundry sign.
Once the words were applied to the wood, I applied a small amount of Annie Sloan dark wax with a soft cloth to obtain a slightly aged look to the front and back of my signs. This is the back of my laundry sign that I will be hanging sideways (when my pantry sign is done) because I'd like to think I really do have one small hallway in my house.

My husband drilled the hole for each cup hanger, you will need one hanger per sign. Remember to center the hanger at the top of the sign so your sign will hang straight. The screws came with my plant hangers, so my husband hung the signs for me using a drill (I'm still banned from using the power tools).
I love this project, you can use any color of paint, choose your sign size and your plant hanger design. Make it your own and have some fun!

Love and peace,
~ Simply Tammi

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