Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mantle Decorating for the Holidays


I'm updating this post because only 2 days before Christmas I just had to add the finishing touch on my winter mantle. I shopped around and found some more shatterproof Christmas ornaments that match the wreath I had made earlier. I cut 2 pieces of ribbon and made 2 separate strands of garland. I strung each ball onto piece of ribbon and tied knots in both ends. I was thrilled the ornaments were on sale now so I stocked up! I used 96 balls to make the garland, $24 total which is so much better than the $149 price tag at one of stores that had the pre-made garland strands. Since I absolutely adore these colors, I'm happy as a clam! I made my own bow for the middle with some ribbon I already had. I like the Command hooks so I attached 1 on each end and 2 in the middle to the top of the mantle. I love love love the look! I wish you could see it in person, it's simply beautiful and so soft and shabby looking. The rest of the project you already know since I had previously posted it after Thanksgiving. Thanks for stopping!

I thought I would share a DIY Christmas-winter decorating idea today. It seems like I'm still too full from our Thanksgiving meal to post a recipe! Before I started my Christmas decorating project this year, I sorted out items from last year that I was ready to donate. It helps to be organized before you start making a mess. I used my feather tree and my cone trees from last year. I made a coffee filter wreath, Simply DIY Coffee Filter Wreath, and found some vintage ornaments to hot glue around the outside. Strands of pearls work great to wrap around the bottom of the decorations on the mantle. I love to use a couple of sentimental items, this year I used two musical Santas that my Dad had given us at Christmas several years ago and placed them in the middle of the mantle. I like the semi-shabby chic look but I didn't want too many items so that it would look cluttered. Next to the fireplace, I found a small old pail in my treasures and filled it with cinnamon pine cones and added some pom-pom decorations. Using items I had and making the rest, my entire project cost $31.00, and I like that!
Happy decorating!

 Love and peace,
~ Simply Tammi

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