Sunday, June 02, 2013

A New Look for an Old Metal File Cabinet

As long I can remember our family has been trading furniture with each other. It's a simple process, when one family gets tired of an item, you start asking the rest of the family if they want it. It can actually take several years for an item to make it's way through the entire family, but sometimes by the time it comes back around, the original owner reclaims it or it is sent away to donation land. My husband still laughs about this funny little routine we have, but it seems normal to us and it saves us money! So now that you see how it works, I was actually the fourth owner of the metal filing cabinet. My daughter called one Sunday afternoon and asked if I wanted the filing cabinet and of course I did! I needed a new filing cabinet but I really am not fond of the metal cabinets and if I got a wood cabinet, I would have to paint it! I also didn't want my home office to look like an office, so I decided I would create a new look for the old metal filing cabinet.

I started by removing the hardware and bought some shabby handles for 50% off and dry-brushed them light pink acrylic paint. Then I measured the top of the cabinet and used my old, thrift store chenille bedspread and started cutting the material to match my measurements. I brushed Mod Podge onto the top of the cabinet and laid the cut material over the top. I pressed it with my hands, so it would stick to the top. I did this for the sides, drawers and door, then let them dry.
When the cabinet was dry, I used hot glue to attach braided pieces from the bedspread to the side seams and top of the front of the cabinet. Then I cut the fringe off the bedspread and used hot glue to finish off the bottom of the cabinet. The secret is to make sure your fabric doesn't overlap onto the drawers or the door (if you have one). This way the drawers will open without getting caught on the fabric.Attach the hardware and begin using your new, old file cabinet!

Welcome to my shabby office!

Love and peace,
~ Simply Tammi

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