Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Simply Organizing Office Supplies

I recently reorganized a cupboard we have over a desk in the kitchen.  I decided that I liked the look of my open cupboard for my dishes so much that I also removed the doors from the desk cupboard too.  Then I realized I needed better ways to store the colored pencils, markers, etc. so they can be found when my kids are doing projects, but still look neat and organized.  I had them stored in labeled boxes, but it never fails that the box you want is the one on the bottom of  the stack! So I moved them into jars, now they are easily accessible and no one gets a box dropped on their head! (yes... this has happened to me). I also used photo boxes to keep receipts, and baskets for camera's, cords etc. The basket on the first shelf is for the things that need to be dealt with, school papers, things to mail, appointments to make etc.

Shop your house, use what you have and be creative!

~Simply Angie

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