Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fish Tacos

No - they're not gross! Fish tacos are one of those supper items that are super easy to make and yummy. We're not really hard core fish eaters in this house, anyway not the fishy flavor kind! If we don't have any fish from our fishing friends, I buy inexpensive white fish, pollock is the cheapest and it goes on sale quite often, my package of 5 fillets cost $2.74. I also use tilapia or cod if it's on sale. Last night I was hoping to have leftovers but when I offered the suggestion of fish tacos, my husband voted for those! I usually cook my fish on the grill but I was too tired to walk to the deck to start the grill - haha!! For a quick, delicious supper try some fish tacos!
4-5 white fish fillets
corn tortillas or wheat flour tortillas
olive oil
1 tsp cilantro
1 tsp chili powder
1 tsp garlic powder
pinch of sea salt
coarse black pepper to taste
Use whatever you like, here's what we use:
Shredded lettuce or shredded cabbage
Plain yogurt mixed with salsa (about 3 T yogurt with 2-3 T salsa)
Shredded cheese - we like cheddar and colby jack
Heat olive oil in skillet. Rinse your fish, I let mine dry off a little on some parchment paper. Then I sprinkle cilantro and chili powder over the fillets. When the oil is hot, I add the fillets to the pan. Then I season with a little salt and pepper. Cook the fish for about 3-4 minutes on each side or until it is white and flaky. I heat my corn tortillas in the oven at 250F degrees for about 4 minutes (you have be careful so they don't burn).
Then start filling your taco shells, we put the fish in first then the cheese, salsa mixture, and lettuce. Yummy!
This recipe makes about 6 tacos so double or triple it if you need more.

Love and peace,
~ Simply Tammi

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