Thursday, February 09, 2012

Memo or Photo Holder

If you are like us and have collected some old hardcover books that have torn pages or ripped bindings laying around, here is an easy project you can do in just a few minutes.  I have made these before but just recently saw it on the Nate Berkus decorating show. I stuck some old photos in mine but on the show they used one on a desk for memos and notes. You just open it up and start folding the pages in half.  Toward the end I was getting tired, so I was folding some of the pages together, which worked just fine. You might not want to pick a book with 400 pages!  If you don't happen to have old worn out books you can find them cheap or even free at garage sales, thrift stores, attics and basements of relatives. I have several from my Grandma, she has notes in all the margins!

~Simply Angie

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  1. Anonymous2/09/2012

    A great decorating project! Thanks!